life :: goes by so swifty

It's weird to think I have been out of high school for over 35 years now. Yup, I guess you could call me an old geezer, fogey, over the hill granny. But it's funny, because if I I'm not looking in a mirror, I still think of myself as a spring chicken. It's not until I get those invitations to the high school reunions, that reality kicks in. Where has all the time gone? I've been off on my own cross country, married, had children, (now have grandchildren!) dabbled in a handful of interesting careers and finally settled into being an artist enjoying a life of semi leisure. But yeah, thoughts of "Niskayouths", old boyfriends, my crazy adventures of being an invincible teen and all those special moments and milestones of teenager-ism sure do bring back good memories.

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