art :: bottle cap portraits

Take a closer look. These super sized portraits are unusual in that they are made entirely of bottlecaps!
Molly B. Right's bottle cap series began with portraits of Jesus and his mother Mary but soon expanded to include a host of iconic women who evoke an ethereal presence and an earthy grit. In the artist's statement Molly writes, "This series of bottle cap pieces evolved from musings about the phrase “Jesus Saves”. Saves what? Does he just save souls? If he had the time or inclination, would he save string? Rubber bands? Would Jesus save bottle caps? Yeah. Somehow that became a full size bottle cap portrait of Jesus. Funny how one notion morphs into another. Now I’m doing bottle cap portraits of archetypal women that don’t have anything to do with Jesus saving anything. Now I’m the one who is saving bottle caps." Bottle cap paintings - their unusual and JUST COOL!

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