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I'm on the hunt for a new mattress. But not just any mattress. It has to be a custom order because it's for the antique three quarter bed in my guest room. Three quarter is tough to find because it was a common size in the old days and companies no longer make it. I don't know why either because I really like this size. For a single sleeping person it's just perfect! Wider then a single bed, so you don't fall off and narrower then a full size (double) bed so you don't get lost in the middle. So I've been searching the internet for this special sized mattress and wouldn't you know I cannot find one! Instead I came across this great website called Time4Sleep, that has a HUMUNGOUS selection of beds and mattresses. From Wooden Beds and Rattan Beds to Metal Beds and every type of bed in between, they have something for everyone. And the good thing is their beds and mattresses are priced at up to 45% off retail! Hmmm...perhaps instead of getting a 3/4 mattress, I should just get a standard full size bed for the guest room. This website, Time4sleep, has quite a few I liked! Their French Style Beds have two I like in particular, The Marseille bed and the French Rattan. They both have that touch of timeless elegance that I like and would look perfect in the guest room! Then there were the upholstered and the leather beds. Now I'm undecided...so much to choose from! Check out the website - which beds are your favs??

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