art :: magic moving walls

Rufus Butler Seder is the master of illusion when it comes to making walls move!

His " Lifetiles" which are glass-tiled murals that appear to come to life when the viewer walks by have been installed in places like the Smithsonian, Sea World, Union Station, and other museums, aquariums, train stations, and ocean liners around the world.The Bostonian artist, filmmaker, and inventor who has been fascinated with antique optical toys and "how they work" since he was young, created this special wall art over twenty years ago. The tiles which comprise these "moving pictures" use no electricity, special lighting, or moving parts, and the technique he uses to create the walls, sometimes over 70 feet long, is a detailed and highly sophisticated process. For the nitty gritty on this JUST COOL art visit Seder's website at www.eyethinkinc.com.

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