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Maxwell Smart had one, Shaq had one, so why can't we have one? We can. What is it? get smart shoe phoneA shoe phone. What started out as just a prop for a church camp drama presentation that had a "Get Smart" theme, has mushroomed into a popular "make it yourself" project for DIY geeks, since 32 year old Australian inventor, Paul Gardner-Stephen posted instructions on how to make it online. In a world filled with IPhones ,blackberries and blue tooth technology, a primitive novelty like Maxwell Smart's shoe phone may seem out of place, but the inventor emphasizes that it has it's practical applications too, like helping the elderly.Gardner-Stephen says the shoes could hold sensors to detect if a wearer falls, making them particularly useful in nursing homes and aging-care facilities.

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Paul Gardner-Stephen said...


Nice write up, but I am from Australia, not New Zealand ;)

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen.

wendy presseisen, said...

sorry about that... fixed!