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I was hoping this day wouldn't come. My daughter Libby just signed up for her road test and will soon be getting her license. Yikes! Kids grow up too fast, don't they? Getting her license means a lot of responsibility for my little girl. I'm not talking about the fact that she'll be behind the wheel controlling two tons of pure power, I'm talking about the financial responsibility she'll be taking on. I made it clear that once she get's her license, she'll be responsible for getting her own car insurance and for filling the tank when she uses my car. And if she wants a car of her own, she's going to have to earn the money to buy it. So now I'm at it ,searching the web for car insurance . Although we don't live in the UK, I found a great insurance company that provides insurance for just about every driver situation that there is. Autonet Insurance is the countries largest independently owned insurance brokers. They have a great website too. They tailor each policy individually, matching all the needs and requirements of the policyholder and build a full policy for you at the lowest possible rates. In fact their advanced system has the ability to seek out the most competitive rates on the market. And get this, if they don't offer the cheapest insurance rates, they give a refund . They cover a full range of auto insurances from fleet and courier insurance to car, bike and Van Insurance.
Now.. if only I could find an insurance provider in the US that can do all that!

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