moma prank :: poster boy update!

Remember "Poster Boy", that subway prankster slash graffiti artist I recently posted about? Well that wasn't the end of the story... but did we think it would be?
According to this morning's NY Post,
"MOMA SLASHES 'VANDAL' ADMAN --- The Museum of Modern Art yesterday dumped a rogue ad executive who had ordered the vandalism of his own promotion campaign in Brooklyn.Doug Jaeger heads The Happy Corp., which had been hired by MoMA to design its subway ads."[We] have completely severed our relationship with the company," said a MoMA spokeswoman.Aided by vandals associated with subway-ad slasher "Poster Boy," Jaeger had had the posters at the Atlantic Avenue station rearranged in a publicity stunt."
Seems Jaegers subway slashing publicity stunt has got him even more publicity! I guess that's how it is meant to work. Not saying any of it is JUST COOL though...

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