Bacon ::the real bacon cheeseburger

Bacon...that other white meat. If you haven't noticed lately, it's the latest craze to sweep the internet! Probably because everyone loves everything about bacon - it's smoky deliciousnous paired with heavenly morning coffee aromas winding up the staircase and down the hall to blissfully awake you in the morning, not to mention its crackling crispy crunch. Soooo....if you are a die hard bacon lover, check this serious bacon cheeseburger out. Why so serious? Because there is no ground beef in it it at all, it is totally ground BACON molded into a patty and served between two slices of pepper jack cheese and loaded with perhaps enough fat to trigger a massive heart attack.

A little too much bacon for my taste but for you BL's...YUMMMMMMMM. Recipe here.

via a hamburger today

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