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From trash to the eighth wonder of the world? It all began in the early 1960's. Nek Chand never imagined that his labor of artistic love would become one of the most magical gardens in the world today. While he worked as humble Road Inspector in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh by day, Chand would secretly toil at night in a little patch of jungle that had been earmarked for demolition, cementing and joining recycled materials he had picked up here and there - tile shards, stone, shells,discarded glass and other items - turning them into a mammoth mosaic legion of sculpted figures. Quietly, over the years his tiny plot grew into a series of interlinking courtyards encompassing several acres with tribes of all sorts - from men and women, to monkeys, dogs and other creatures. When the authorities discovered his secret garden growing out of this forbidden area of abandoned land, major controversy errupted.
The outcome, however, was good. The government ended up giving Nek Chand a salary so that he could concentrate full-time on his artistic endeavor. Nek Chand's colorful and collosal garden received immediate recognition and was inaugurated as The Rock Garden of Chandigarh.

"Now over twenty five acres of several thousand sculptures set in large mosaic courtyards linked by walled paths and deep gorges, Nek Chand's creation also combines huge buildings with a series of interlinking waterfalls. The Rock Garden is now acknowledged as one of the modern wonders of the world. Over 5000 visitors each day, some 12 million people so far, walk around this vast creation - the greatest artistic achievement seen in India since the Taj Mahal."
Hmmm... I never knew about this place...it's JUST COOL!
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