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Picture of Noah's Ark partially assembled
When I was a child we always had a puzzle in the works out on the little card table by the fireplace. There were two comfy chairs that were often occupied by kids and adults alike, trying to fanagle the little jigsaw pieces into place to complete the picture, usually one of some famous landmark, a basket of cute kittens or a covered Vermont bridge. Times and puzzles have changed since then. If you haven't checked out the offering of puzzles today you're in for a welcome surprise because they are more intricate, more detailed and more clever than ever. My friend Andrea Farnham who owns Thingamajigsaw Puzzles (she even carries a few with my artwork on them) has some very neat puzzles. Like that  cool  Noah's Ark puzzle  called "Two by Two", up there at the top of this post, one that I am sure would keep you and the kids busy for awhile. No, it isn't a trick puzzle but a challenge nonetheless due to it's  many "dropout" spaces. 
The ark is provisioned and ready to load and the animals are waiting patiently. They interlock with each other and with the ark to nest securely inside. Your mission, should you decide to take it, is to get all ten pairs of animals to fit inside.Do you think you can get them safely inside before the flood? It's a fun puzzle and well worth the challenge!
Two by Two is just one of many puzzles that Thingamajigsaw Puzzles crafts and cuts by hand in a highly detailed process. Their  wonderful puzzle selection ranges from the truly traditional to the treacherously tricky and you can even custom order a puzzle. I love puzzles. They're a great old fashioned past time that  always brings the family together.And Andrea's puzzles are  JUST COOL!

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Content in a Cottage said...

That puzzle will be an heirloom for anyone who is lucky enough to own it. Congratulations on having your artwork converted into a puzzle by another talented artist.