technology :: google maps gets better with click2map

If you use Google Maps, you'll love this! I just discovered a cool new internet application - one that will come in handy when you want to reference maps, directions and other geographical information in your web based applications and webpages. Sure, there's the ever popular Google Maps™ API (if you know how to use it), but Click2Map goes one better! It is a new Rich Internet Application (RIA) developed by Click2Map SARL, a French Web company. It provides an easy to use application where you can create, manage and publish online professional maps without any knowledge of programming. I like that. Especially since I am not a programmer /internet savvy kind of gal. And get this - you don't even need to know how to use the Google Maps™ API. I like that even better! All you do is click on the map to drop your markers! How easy is that?
Click2Map has many great applications that will greatly enhance your website visitor's experience with custom webpage illustrations that indicate a location and how to reach it,locate the members of a network, highlight historic areas of interest, display local shops and services, locate business partners, and illustrate your reviews articles and reports.
This week, they  are releasing a new feature that enables users to more deeply customize the look and feel of the Google maps they create. Every element of the map is now customizable including header, footer, fonts, sidebar, colors, driving directions and address finder. So go ahead, visit Click2Mapand see how they can enhance your website with their great mapping products!


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