jewelry :: edible bling

Imagine sinking your teeth into these pretty baubles? You can, because this sweet jewelry is actually edible .
French master chef Jean-Francois Arnaud crafts these exquisite beads of sugary bliss using Isomalt,a high-end sugar substitute that does not crystalize as fast as sugar. The renowned pastry chef is known for his sugar sculptures and cakes and just recently introduced his sweet line of bling which also includes rings, necklaces, jewelry boxes as well as perfume flacons at the International Hotel Catering and Food Trade Exhibition 2009 in Lyon, France.The idea of making jewelry from sugar came about when he noticed that today’s food color combinations could create looks similar to natural gemstones. His edible knock offs of aquamarines, rubies and sapphires were created with the help of a designer and colorist who taught him how to mix colors that would imitate the real thing.
Sugary Bling- it's JUST COOL!

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