Candy :: buy it on the web!

Back in the day (Yup, I'm that old!) candy was a precious commodity for us kids. A few miles up the road toward Saratoga there was (and still is) a charming old country store that my family would hit on the way to our weekend outings. It had a whole section of drawers, bins and barrels filled with penny candy. We'd fill our bags with licorice pipes, necco wafers,wax lips,boston baked beans,atomic fireballs,bazooka bubblegum,candy cigarettes and necklaces,wax drink bottles, pixie stix and more.
There wasn't a huge selection but what there was was enough to keep our little sweet tooths satisfied and occupied for hours and keep us out of our parents hair for the scenic ride, not to mention that it also kept my dentist, Dr. Schlansker is business as well. Well things have changed in the world of candy. Yes, The Country Store is still there, but that wonderful selection of those old fashioned favorites has been drastically reduced and replaced by the new fangled candy of today. Sugarless candy, space age, state of the art candy. Candy that I wouldn't even consider candy. So thank goodness for the internet, where everything - even the old fashioned favorites are still available!
Sugar Stand is one such candy shop. You can shop and drool right from the comfort of your computer chair.They have a HUGE selection of all kinds of candy - even my favorite nostalgic brands! Sugar Stand is a one stop shop for sweets, stocking over 2000 different candies and continually updating their selections so whatever you crave, they will probably have. It's also the ideal place to buy your bulk candy for special events, parties, fund raisers and more. Or just stock up for yourself and family. So if you have a sweet tooth - check it out!

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