Travel :: an amazing underwater world

Planning a vacation soon? Well guess what? SeaWorld's newest attraction, Manta, is opening on May 22nd and SeaWorld is running an awesome contest where you could win a "Front-of-the-line" pass to experience it all. Experience the thrill of spinning, gliding and flying  like a giant ray when you ride the only flying roller coaster of its kind in the world.  Manta unveils an incredible underwater world filled with tropical fish and rays, many seldom seen by the human eye. Floor-to-ceiling aquariums are filled with rare leafy sea dragons and schools of colorful fish, and if you climb into the unusual pop up aquarium, you can get an awesome 360-degree view of all this watery  wonderment that will surround you!  Want to find out more  about the Manta and have a chance at earning a "go to the head of the line" pass for this extraordinary attraction?  Just go to SeaWorld's Manta site, register for free and you're ready to get started!  Use your existing Twitter account or sign up for a free account and follow @RealShamu on Twitter for insider tips, plus find answers for the Manta quiz throughout the website. Then when you think you know the answers, take the quiz and be a winner! SeaWorld and the Manta - it's all about the fun!


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