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If you love gardening and watching the seeds you planted turn from tiny two leafed babies to lush and robust plants over the course of the summer then THIS you'll like! I found it in one of my favorite catalogs, Hammacher Schlemmer, which btw always seems to have the coolest gadgets. It's called the The Timelapse Garden Video Camera and will take a series of time lapse shots of your garden and save them as an avi movie!

"This is the camera that makes a timelapse video of your garden to show you the development of individual specimens or entire areas over a period of time. It can focus as close as 20" away to illustrate petal growth or, with its wide 54° field of view, it can capture perennials as they grow to conceal your spent spring bulb foliage (play the video). The camera takes a picture at one of six pre-determined intervals (five seconds to 24 hours) and combines them into a single 1280 x 1024 resolution AVI movie file for easy playback on a computer. It has a light sensor that turns off the camera at dusk and back on at dawn, allowing for continued video capture each day. Movies are timestamped and stored on the camera's removable 2GB USB flash drive, which can take up to 18,000 pictures. The camera's weather-resistant exterior enables operation between 122° F and 14° F."

It's only 159.99 over at Hammacher Schlemmer so check it out!

photo via ohgizmo

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