Travel :: pipe dreams for real!

For those of you adventurists who aspire to weirdness in your travel accomodations, you'll appreciate this. A hotel that offers a good nights sleep in a concrete drain pipe.

Like comfy little cabins, the accommodations at Dasparkhotel in Austria, consist of three sections of big concrete drain pipe, with a very cool minimalist feel. Although you may feel like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sleeping in the sewer, your tube will be very private, supplied with 220V power, double bed, skylight window, decorative wall art, a double door and even storage space. The main building located on site offers all the other amenities (including the bathroom ) and restaurants are only a walk away (or you can cook your own meals in the park) ! If you're already having pipe dreams just reading about it, you can book your "pipe" at Dasparkhotel's website here>>>>

I think I'll stick to a traditional comfy hotel room. But what a neat idea! - it's JUST COOL

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