art :: houses made of garlic

I've been a fan of Carl Warner for a while now. This popular food artist / photographer manipulates salmon fillets, garlic cloves and brocoli florets into fantastic sureal landscapes and then photographs them. So it's nice to see he's just added six more images to his ever popular (and tasty!) "foodscape" menu! These are a few of his latest -
Bread and Cheese
ravioli air balloon

Made entirely of vegetables, meat, dairy and fish, Warner's foodscapes look so real you really have to take a second look to descern what edibles you are actually looking at!
"Foodscapes started out as personal project where I wanted to highlight the idea of implied design within the natural world, the qualities within organic forms,' said the Kent UK based 44-year-old. 'For me, the forms, shapes, patterns and structures of everything from DNA molecules to fingerprints, from tornadoes to spiral galaxies all point to a much bigger picture."

via neatorama via daily mail

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