College :: Sears makes it easy

I can't believe how the years have flown by. It seems like just yesterday Libby was in kindergarten! Now she's all grown up and headed to college in September. I am a little worried about the finances because since she won't be working full time, she'll have to really watch her pennies. Good thing Sears is listening and has an excellent website called Sears CampusReady that has helpful hints for the college bound student on  making the transition. The site has some great suggestions for gearing up the dorm room - making it funky as well as functional and on a shoestring budget! Plus it has a cool interactive check list section so the kids can check off the things they will be needing for that big move. Sears even has finances covered with their  Reload-able Gift Cards. These gift cards are distributed to both the student and parent - the parent can load funds onto the card online, in a store, or in a student shop at their local Sears and Kmart stores to help their kids out while they are away from home. And if your kids, like mine are on facebook, Sears has thought of everything including CampusReady on Facebook to help you and your college student become "Campus Ready". Sears for college - it's JUST COOL!


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