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I always swore I would never wear one of those hideous looking blue tooth headsets on my ear. Ears are meant for prettier things - diamonds, gold, bling. Enter the Orb, probably the coolest looking blue tooth around! This transformer type headset morphs from a useful little ring you wear on your finger into a sleek and stylish appliance hanging from your ear. While in its ring form, its flexible organic light emitting diode (FOLED) displays caller ID, calendar items and voice-to-text info, and if you want to answer a call, simply take the ring off your finger, twist it into its headset shape, and hang it on your ear for hands-free talking.

Orb will go on sale in January 2010, with the base model selling for $129, and the Deluxe Edition (the one with that FOLED display) following in April for $175. JUST COOL of course!

via dvice

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