sports :: a new way to win!

A bunch of my friends are die hard football fans and have I got a website for them! It's called WaiverWire and it's brand new, created by football fans for football fans. When a bunch of former Wall Street guys with a passion for the game got fed up with the financial markets, they came together and built an incredible website for fantasy football players. They applied the format, tools, and techniques for analyzing stocks to analyzing NFL player and fantasy football teams. Now how cool is that! Waiverwire offers the most advanced fantasy sports tools and information available, in fact  they have the world’s only draft tool with artificial intelligence! They make winning possible by helping the player to make decisions faster than their competitors. Plus they have a great networking forum for staying in touch with old friends, talking sports with new ones and keeping informed and connected with the game. My friends will absolutely love this site for all it has to offer.So, hey, if you are one of those crazy die hard football fanatics like a lot of my friends are, then go check out the new website. Sign up, it's fast, it's free and it's easy!


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