just weird:: humungous head lice

Head Lice? Crazy!

Not. It's the Giant Isopod, abundant in the cold, deep waters of the Atlantic. In Northern Taiwan and other areas, these up to fifteen inch critters are not uncommon at seaside restaurants, served boiled - The white meat being similar to crab or lobster in texture. They look creepy...but I bet they taste delicious.

Anthony Bourdain, bring on the butter! These creatures are JUST COOL!

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lice eggs said...

Woah!! That would seriously be creepy crawling around your head...i'm sure thats not REALLY a lice...but it certainly does look like one 100x bigger...yuck!

Thanks for sharing the photo!


website design said...

thats one of the most disgusting creatures ived ever seen.

Joeffrey Paul said...

hahaha if that is the size of all head lice I will try all kinds of medicine to get rid of them hehehe

marlon said...

i dont think thats a head lice lol. thats a sea creature not a head lice.