Did someone say PLAID?????

Yes I do, I do love plaid - maybe on an antique tin - on a little girl's taffetta dress or bow in her hair- on my poppy- petunia dog's collar - but everyone, let's nix those plaid herculon sofas. They aren't cool nor are they in.

what is in are these cool chairs found on 1stdibs , Midcentury modern at its best
And take a looky at Dame's article on plaid as a fashion statement - ( BTW, lovin' that burberry bag)

or if you like your art PLAID and you love your dogs SCOTTY, then how about this COOL PRINT for your walls created by moi and available in many sizes starting out at a sleek $4.00 for the ACEO art card. Check it out along with my other dog prints at my little etsy art shop, POPARTCAFE

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