The New Bathroom Aesthetic - EBANO by BANDINI

My son and his family recently bought a post midcentury modern home (1980's) and have done an fabulous job renovating it to their modern tastes. Two of the bathrooms still need to be gutted - they are smothered in putrid green (and every variation thereof) ceramic tile and hideous cabinetry and hardware from the 1980's. I'm convinced the decade of disco dancing, mullets and shoulderpads will never go down in history as an architectural period of note - but who knows, in 50 years it may be the hippest craze.
Right now Josh and Sash are in the market for some hip ideas to revamp these horrendous looking bathrooms . So I'm checking out this really cool Italian site - Ibagnobandini
These bathroom fixtures take bathroom design to the next level - functional as well as beautiful works of art. And Josh with his penchant for teak and sleek would just love this carved out wood basin.
No washing the family dog in this one. But isnt it JUST COOL.

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