Today is Friday - Tag Sale day - I make my rounds to all the area sales looking for unusual finds for my ebay site and usually come home with a few little treasures for myself. Rounding the corner of Brooks Edge and Hilltop, I glide into one of my favorite developments . I am not a fan of developments either.
Teak Crest was built in the early 1950's - mid 1960's and has a wonderful step back in time feel. From the towering canopy of maples that lure you along the wide winding lanes, to the Eichler / Wright inspired homes that rise out of the rolling emerald lawns, it is the quintessential throwback to a bygone era. I expect to see a bow-tied white uniformed milkman rolling up the road in his milk truck or a perfectly coiffed June Cleaver appear on the front steps with an Ipana smile . I am reminded that when I do find MY PERFECT HOUSE it will probably be one like these with their simple modern design and solid sensibility. They aren't sprawling, something that would have been at the top of my wish list twenty or so years ago, but just right in size and functionality.
I will undoubtedly make a few small changed to the design - to update and green it a little more but amazingly these houses built over 50 yrs ago can today be considered just as green, if not more so than their contemporaries.
They don't make 'em like they used to!

Enter the World Of Eischler Design

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