weird - designer coffins - going out in style

I know it's not a pleasant thought, but did you know that when the time comes, you can have a "green" funeral? I didn't. But then I haven't been giving the subject much thought either. Then I accidentally came across this article on cardboard caskets. Eco-friendly, designer, cardboard caskets, for heavens sake! ;) They're stylish biodegradable, and economical too. Take for example the nice selection over at Creative Coffins. Made from 60% recycled paper plus wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests, they are put together using only natural starch-based glues (no other fittings), the handles are made of natural woven cotton, and they are completely non toxic. Even more impressive about these earth friendly boxes is that you can have them custom designed or you can choose a "ready made" from their line of theme based designs. I like the sunflower one, libs likes the chocolate box, but really, the skies the limit when considering just the right box for you.

Oh and if you want to read more about green funerals (yup, there really are eco-friendly cemeteries) - then read this weird article that I found morbidly amusing...

My father was buried in a cardboard coffin and placed next to a pet cemetery miles from our family home. Read about the 'green' funeral that went horribly wrong:
Why dad's eco-funeral went horribly wrong

so yeah...just bury me in a cardboard box ... they're JUST COOL!

(photo of a church up the road from us)

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Anonymous said...

This initiative comes across to me as yet more death kitsch and nothing fundamentally new or interesting. Mass-produced designs for mass-produced people - what is the difference between these and the equally kitschy standard models of caskets? Except for the green appeal...