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These are definitely not your average eyeglasses ...

Genius Eyewear Maker, Scott Urban, definitely made a spectacle of himself when he designed his innovative ultra cool line of spectacles and started selling them through his company, Urban Spectacles of Wood. His creations were an eco friendly bi product born from his life long obsession with wood crafting, using exotic woods from trees that people had never heard of. Like lignum vitae, desert ironwood,amboyna, cocobola ... Tree dictionary please! I love these because they are unique and organic and unlike all other collections of eyewear, these one of a kind funky eye frames are truly handmade with meticulous attention to detail.Using the most eccentric and durable hardwoods as his material, Scott handcrafts each pair of eyeglasses individually to meet the specific desires of his client. As unique as the imagination, the possibilities of eyewear from his company are boundless!

Not only does Scott use exotic hardwoods , but frames can be crafted of just about anything else unexpected. Like say...bicycle parts? Yup, even beer bottles, vinyl LPs...you name it.
Take a look at this informative and entertaining video and then
check out more over at Urban Spectacles of Wood. His product is JUST COOL!

New Spectacles from dalas verdugo on Vimeo.

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Zoe said...

but i sooooo love them...i include them in my brown group...as in black, brown, red, white...i love em..