weird - rent a dog ...

Want all the perks of dog ownership but without the long term responsibility? Flexpetz offers a bizarre service, (atleast I find it a bit bizarre) somewhat similar to netflix only instead of renting videos, you rent dogs ... a pooch timeshare, if you will.

"...FLEXPETZ is a unique concept for dog lovers who are unable to own a full-time doggy pal, but miss spending time with a canine friend. It is a shared dog ownership concept that provides our members with access to a variety of FLEXPETZ dogs. All FLEXPETZ dogs complete obedience training and some FLEXPETZ dogs are also certified as therapy dogs... "

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RTPblogger said...

Wiers indeed, and also possibly creepy. I;m a local blogger in Boston where Flexpetz is fighting to break in. I've been researching the issue in depth and found a bunch of wierd stuff. You can check it on my blog but in short

1. The real owner of the company is NOT Marlene cervates but in Fact Simon Brodie
2. Simon Brodie is a known con and spent a year in Jail in England before coming to the US
and the list just goes on and on, in fact I'm hot on the trail of a new peice of sketch as we speak!

just cool design blog said...

really. thanks for the update. i thought this sounded like a fishy company.if what you say is true (even if it isnt!) they shouldn't be allowed to operate such a business.