furniture - age old wood takes on modern style

Stephen Perren's passion is creating beautiful furniture.
5 Drawer Chest

Drop Leaf Corner Table

“My aim is for the viewer to be drawn in by the form and then further seduced by the silky feel of the furniture’s surface or the smooth glide of a drawer.”

Stephen Perrin carefully selects each board he uses, closely examining the particular grain, the color markings. He has a team of wood suppliers—from Pennsylvania to Virginia—who set aside interesting pieces of wood for Perrin to consider. Often he’ll create a piece to feature the unique quality or beauty of one very special board.

He designs by subtraction—drawing out all his design ideas for a piece and then removing elements one by one to see if they’re missed. Elements that are not missed are subtracted from the design until the piece is distilled to its most visually pleasing form.

Stephen’s work has won numerous awards.

"Wall Chairs"

Hung on the wall, these chairs are works of art. Useful works of art. Because, taken down from the wall, they unfold to become chairs. They’re made regularly, in limited editions, and sell for $1,400 each. Steve uses various woods, including Tiger Maple, Cherry and Birdseye maple. You can view his other furniture here. His eclectic style and use of various woods, make each piece so interesting. His work is definitely JUST COOL!

His furniture is also available at an artful home

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