art :: autumn fun

Sheesh, listening to the news these days is nothing but depressing! Too bad we couldn't flip back to another era when life was sweet, right? So yesterday I decided to focus on what's going on in the world that's good at the moment and it was something as simple as it being Autumn, my favorite season! Here in the Northeast, when you look out your window , the landscape is like a brilliant painting. The sunlight is just right and the trees are garbed in blazing colors.

The Adirondacks and the Vermont Green Mountains are absolutely breathtaking this time of year and the leaf watchers (no I didn't say baby lickers) appear out on the roads to see the blazing foliage. The air is crisp, the sky is blue , pumpkins are lined up on porches,kids are bundled up in heavy garb playing in the leaves, while mom and dad are raking (and reraking) them.Roadside stands suddenly appear with the apple cider, the donuts, the apples and pies and other fall goodies. It's a good time. Yesterday I got my paints out and did a little Autumn painting of all the things I love about Autumn. Put it up on eBay last night, so check it out!

Check out the original on eBay or order the print here.

"Autumn Fun" Wendy Presseisen signed Print

Awwww....Autumn, it's JUST COOL... and crisp and my most favorite time of year. I wish it didn't fade so quickly!

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