sports :: extreme jean jumping

What involves a pair of blue jeans, a spotter, and a crazy, competitive, acrobatically inclined person? It's the latest extreme sports craze thats sweeping the country and it's called Jean Jumping. Yeah. it's almost as silly as extreme ironing but not quite. What inspires these boxer wearing daredevils to take on such a weird sport? George Iverson from Toledo Ohio who's been Jean Jumping for almost two years, says "... this is just another challenge for me, plus it's weird and draws a crowd." Well I guess so. On weekdays you might find this "on-again off-again" jean wearing guy passing the hat on an LA street corner in between jumps. Take a look at this bouncy sport...

Will it ever become popular enough to make it to the Olympics ? Don't know, but it's definitely JUST COOL!

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