green :: clip and save energy

Is this an ingenious idea or what? The Saverclip is a clothespin like device that reads your electric usage when clipped onto any power cable or cord. Clip it on the most greedy energy consuming culprits like your refrigerator, or your clothes dryer and you'll see those numbers soar. The clip works by reading the electromagnetic fields emitted by the appliance and smartly uses that same electric field to recharge itself. The designers, Tsunho Wang, Insu Wang, Jongheui Lee & Youngdon Lee conversely programmed it so that the readout on the embedded LCD displays information in simple laymen terms, to make it easy to see and understand how much electricity we're wasting and where we could be saving. What a great way to make you think twice about your energy usage and how you can save money, wasted energy and the environment all at the same time!

What a smart idea - it's JUST COOL!

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