product design :: Bubblegum airbags - the safer chew

Last year Bazooka Bubblegum ran an award winning ad suggesting that our favorite chewing gum could be used for safety too. An airbag? Yup.

Bazooka Airbag

Now someone's at it again. Ad agency, Daehong Communications in Seoul, South Korea is advertizing a similar concept design : NO DROWSINESS GUM - a chewable airbag.

How does it work? They haven't spilled the beans yet, but here are my ideas on the subject. Scenario 1. You're driving along, chewing your gum, when suddenly drowsiness takes over and your head drops. The secret ingredient in the chewing gum detects your head slumping and sends a signal to your brain to pucker up and blow. Scenario 2. Your head slumps and the sudden impact of your face against the steering wheel inflates the gum to a bubble 1000 times its size. As long as it doesn't blow up inside of you instead of outside - the whole concept is JUST COOL! Don't ya think?

via pixelpasta and the inspirationroom

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