shopping :: savings this weekend

Wow! I was just checking out the Sears store online and noticed they are having a super sale that runs this Veterans Day weekend, November 9th through November 11th. Here's the wow part. Sears is taking 60% off on all outerwear and sweaters for the whole family. So I'm getting my list together because Libby needs a new jacket and a few sweaters (I saw this cute hoodie that I think she will love), Rebecca is always needing a few sweaters to weather the cold in and of course don't forget about moi! Maybe I'll pick up a few sweaters too (I like that classic looking red one on the right).

Years ago I rarely shopped at Sears. I always thought of it as an old lady's clothing store or a place where Grandpa bought all his tools and his lawn tractor and Mom and Dad got all their major appliances. But things have changed over the past few years. Sears has really updated itself. Now they carry brand name clothing like Lands End, South Pole, Appostrophe and Covington - hey, I even saw some Harve Benard in there. They aren't an "Old Fogey" store anymore. Now they have some design savvy! And they are always up to date on all the latest brand name electronics and toys for the kids. So yeah, I'm headed over to the Sears Veterans Day Sale first thing Sunday morning. With all the money I'll be saving, I can take everyone out to dinner! This sale is JUST COOL!

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