cars ::dimple technology

Sharks have them, Shirley Temple has them, so do golf balls. So why not cars? What are they? Dimples. You've heard about how the dimples on a golf ball actually make it go farther and Shark skin is the same way.(I don't know about Shirley Temple though;) ) So why not add dimples to a cars exterior surface and increase mileage and efficiency? That's what SkinzWraps, a company known for making mostly commercial vehicle wraps, has gone and done - they've wrapped a car in dimples. The company claims an 18-20% improvement in MPG and it's been confirmed too! This new technology is a product called MPG-Plus™. MPG-Plus™ significantly reduces a vehicle’s drag by altering the distribution of air pressure surrounding the vehicle. Although I'm not a wiz at physics by any means, it all sounds good to me. Read more about cars with dimples at the Skinzwraps Blog

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