beauty :: sand that hair away!

Have you heard about Smooth Away , an easy safe and painless hair removal system advertised all over the place lately? Well was I happy when I got an email offering me a free Smooth Away kit if  I would review it on my blog! My daughter Libby had been begging me to buy it since seeing it on TV, so how cool was this? My answer was a no brainer. Of course I'll try it!! Two weeks after I agreed to try it, the Smooth Away kit came in the mail in a pretty little package. We opened the box and it came with two "sanding blocks" that fit over your palm and a package of various size adhesive "sandpaper" strips that adhere to the blocks. I say sandpaper because it is very very fine sandpaper (almost like pumice material). From the website : " Each Smooth Away Pad Is Covered With Superfine Crystals That Buff Away Unwanted Hair Leaving Your Skin So Soft & Incredibly Smooth". Well... Libby followed the instructions on the box to the T, and started to "smooth away" the hair on her leg. After about ten minutes of trying different spots, it was obvious that it was not working and we were a little disappointed. So I tried it. Same result - also a little iritating to the skin while using it. Enter my other daughter Rebecca. She tried it with the same results. Nothing. Then Libby's friend Margaret tried it. Same result - nothing. So Libby, determined to get it to work, continued "sanding away in opposite circular motions as instructed for about 15 - 20 minutes. FINALLY she did notice some hair removal and smooth skin after tediously sanding. And mind you, both her and I have very fine blonde hair on our legs that you would think would come off in a snap! NOT. Rebecca and Margaret have darker coarser hair and got no results either. So I'm afraid this product is not one that I would purchase or recommend. I would rather shave my legs with a regular razor for 3 minutes then spend 20 minutes sanding the hair away. (except it might be a good workout if you want to burn calories at the same time). So, although the packaging was pretty and  pink, the promise was alluring and it seemed like a great concept, I give SMOOTH AWAY a thumbs down.

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