eyewear :: seeing is believing!

I can't believe my eyes! They are getting so bad. Not only are they getting worse at reading closeup but now I am noticing my distance sight isn't the greatest either. And since I don't have medical insurance, I haven't been to an opthomologist /optometrist to get them checked out and get a prescription. Infact I've been relying on the dollar store variety which I have to say have really helped - for reading, that is, but I admit I should really invest in a "real" pair of glasses. So, today I was reading an article in the New York Times on eyeglasses - Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank. It made a great point about how people will actually spend a months rent just to look stylish in the latest designer frames. But the truth is there are some reputable places out there who's frames are just as good as the high end optical "boutiques". For instance zennioptical.com, which sells generic frames, including lenses with antiscratch coating, for as little as $8. Hard to believe, but true! That’s a bargain considering the average frame price is $118, according to VisionWatch, which publishes research on the eye care market.After reading this New York Times article, I checked out Zenni Optical and lo and behold I actually found some decent looking frames at a fraction of the price of the high priced designer ones!

I have just one complaint with this website though - they have so many great styles to choose from and with so many options and price points - that you are going to have a tough time choosing which style you want. They're all great. Check it out!

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