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Spring has sprung and it's grass grooming season again. Last year I tried some weird home remedies for the brown patches of grass my back lawn, hoping they just might remedy the "grass from hell". I had searched on the internet and read in a few places that  regular granulated sugar, when spread over the grass in the spring, would feed the natural microbes in the soil and make your grass healthy and thick. Did the sugar thing work? Not! The area is unsightly as ever, but I am still determined to achieve the lush green lawn of my dreams. I  am not going to use  those popular chemically toxic fertilizers however and have opted to use  organic fertilizer . From what I have been reading, organic fertilizers, unlike synthetic ones, help improve the soil by allowing the soil to better retain more nutrients and moisture. And organic fertilizers release nutrients in a controlled, time-released fashion .I'm pretty impressed by these natural products. They are safe for the environment and for my family and pets that play on the grass. Not only do they green up and thicken grass to make a lush  happy lawn, but they stimulate growth and kill weeds too.  So, I guess I'll get rid of the bags of sugar and leave it to the lawn experts - the ORGANIC lawn experts that is.

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