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seconds later the cat was dead by ndanger.

Next time you climb into bed for a long night's rest, consider this. What you smell affects your dreams. Studies by German Scientists suggested that if you want to have sweet dreams, then sleep with flowers in your bedroom. Or , lovin' those dark, terrifying nightmares? Then fill your bedside with stinky things like smelly sneakers, last weeks stuffed cabbage, or even the cats litter box.

The scientists concluded that wafting the smell of roses under a sleeping person’s nose gave the person pleasant emotions in their dreams and the opposite effect was had on other volunteers that had the scent of rotten eggs fill their noses while sleeping. The scientists waited until the volunteers entered REM sleep and then exposed them to high doses of smelly air for 10 seconds before rousing them out of sleep one minute later. After questioning the volunteers about their dreams, the women hardly ever dreamed of smelling anything, however, the emotional tone of the dream changed depending on the different smells.

Dr Irshaad Ebrahim of The London Sleep Centre said: "The relationship between external stimuli and dreaming is something we are all at some level aware of. This initial research is a step in the direction towards clarifying these questions and may well lead to therapeutic benefits.

Hmmm... also a great excuse to splurge on fresh flowers... for mom!


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