cool product :: package lamp by David Gardner

Wait, don't throw away that package. Thats the lamp!

If you order a lamp from David Gardener, what you get is an empty box. Well not exactly empty. It does have packaging in it - hand molded paper pulp packaging. But the packaging is actually the lamp itself!





Once opened, your "packaging" components are removed and assembled and the packaging becomes the shade and stand. The components that make up the lamp (wire, bulbs etc.) dictate the lamps shape, so as to fit them conveniently into the base during transit.


“The Packaging lamp was first inspired from my observations of how much packaging material is wasted from every new product bought,” explains Gardener. “The idea is to eliminate this waste material by including it all in the final product.”

Gardener, a University of Brighton graduate, presented the design at New Designers in London last month.

Lovin' the handmade paper look to this lamp but the safety is questionable. Will it burn down the house? Anyway - this concept is JUST COOL!

thanks Dezeen

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