Lighting :: a modern glow

There's some cool light going on over at Pallucco.Their design mix combines contemporary, historical and timeless objects in an original and non conformist style.
Lalinea is a bookshelf system that can be used as CD, DVD and Book holder of modular elements and can configure as both horizontal or vertical structures, from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling. Different colored lights can be alternated and each module is lit internally by a fluorescent bulb in white, blue and green.

Alone is an “illuminated circular outline” and a coat hook that casts an eye on the concept of a wall light. Its clear-cut, linear design is enhanced at the rear by an opal finish ring that fills with white light creating a bright halo focusing on the hanging garment.

Nimbo Pendant gives the impression of floating in a world without gravity and is enhanced by a dual light source: the light given off from the below is pure, soft and white while above it is colored and atmospheric. It comes in opaline white, magenta and orange.

So brilliantly JUST COOL!

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